League of Legends

5 v 5 Tournament - NA Server

June 16th - June 27th, 2021

8:00 PM - 11:00 PM CST each day

Official Tournament Info


Hello and welcome to BeerManStan and TheMooseyMan present: The 1k Crispy Cool Cup; a unique, interactive, and competitive 5v5 League of Legends tournament! 8 streamers and their hand-selected teammates will battle it out in order to see who can take home not only their share of a $1,000 prize pool, but also something much more important: bragging rights for their channel. With guest casters, special cameo appearances, and immersive viewer interactivity (with numerous giveaways), this event is focused around one thing: bringing communities together and having fun. We are excited to invite you to be a part of this experience!

Tournament Information

General Format

  • Tournament begin date: Wednesday, June 16th; tournament end date: Sunday, June 27th.
  • The first week of events will consist of group stage games, the second week will be allocated for playoff bracket-style games.
  • The tournament will alternate being streamed from BeerManStan/TheMooseyMan’s channel; and will occur over a period of 10 individual days/streams.
  • Games will be 5v5 Summoner’s Rift, Draft Mode; each will be allocated a time block of 1 hour.
  • There will be Casters for each event, with half-time interviews, entertainment, and viewer activities/giveaways.
  • Team Captains will be allowed to stream games they are participating in.

Integrity, Violation, Punishment

With great fun in a tournament, comes great responsibility! We believe that everyone involved should be treated with respect, and with that in mind, there will be absolutely none of the following allowed:

  • Hate speech, sexism, racism, homophobia, or intolerance in any way, shape, or form.
  • In/out-of-game toxicity between Team Captains, Casters, players, and viewers/communities within the chat, discord, or anywhere affiliated with this event.
  • Cheating in any capacity: roster/rank manipulation, attempting to steal or snipe team communication or strategy, any viewer/community attempt to gain an advantage or sabotage another, bug abuse/scripting, third-party modding, etc.

This is not an all-inclusive list; while we realize that there may be situations that are unforeseeable, our reactions are always within our control. Depending on the magnitude of the violation, or repetition of the violation(s), punishment will range from written warnings, and/or up to disqualification. We hope that you recognize that the success and ability to enjoy this event relies on all of us!

Team Rosters

Team Captains will compose their teams based on a point system centered on rank; this will prevent any team from having an unfair advantage, will allow Team Captains to include a variety of player skill level, and provides a strategic aspect to team assembly. Rosters will consist of 5 starters and 4 substitutes, and can be found on the 1CCC discord channel. All ranks are based on current season.


Any individual who is authorized to administer the tournament will be called a "Bartender," and the collection of all admins will be called the "Bartenders." The interpretation of any rule violation and its resultant consequences are at the sole discretion of BeerManStan/TheMooseyMan and the Bartenders.


Team Captains

  1. BeerManStan
  2. TheMooseyMan
  3. Orickk21
  4. jiakatt
  5. Nether_Wulf
  6. offbrandGG
  7. CoachPyke
  8. zedsgirlfriend


  1. Silent_K
  2. Number1Lover
  3. SnarkyMcSharky
  4. Nazo_Nova
  5. kingprnce
  6. ChunkyDunken
  7. papa_pike
  8. Nexuh
  9. khojasan
  10. JVK27
  11. Goombastompin
  12. Sidvultor

Prize Structure

  • 1st Place - $500 per team - $100 per starter
  • 2nd Place - $350 per team - $70 per starter
  • 3rd Place - $150 per team - $30 per starter
  • We will be giving away player of the game/player of the series awards (with attached prizes during the playoff stage), miscellaneous discord-related prizes, and an array of other giveaways throughout the tournament.
  • Number1Lover Mystery Prize: $150 will be awarded to the winner of a secret contest associated within the discord server (so let’s get active!).
  • A combination of PayPal and RP/Skin giveaways will be utilized, as well as material giveaways.

Group Stage

Group stage will consist of 12 games total, and will be composed of 2 groups: 4 teams in each group. Every team will play each of the other teams in the group one time apiece. From record outcome of these 3 games, teams will be seeded into the playoff bracket; tiebreakers will be decided in the winner of the head-to-head matchup result. All progress will be recorded, tracked, and available on https://challonge.com/1kcrispycoolcup

Group A Group B
TheMooseyMan BeerManStan
Orickk21 Nether_Wulf
CoachPyke jiakatt
zedsgirlfriend offbrandGG

Group Stage Schedule


Wednesday, June 16

Host - TheMooseyMan
Casters - Nazo_Nova, kingprnce
8pm - Game 1 - jiakatt vs offbrandGG
9pm - Game 2 - BeerManStan vs jiakatt
10pm - Game 3 - BeerManStan vs Nether_Wulf

Thursday, June 17

Host - BeerManStan
Casters - TBD
8pm - Game 1 - Nether_Wulf vs jiakatt
9pm - Game 2 - Nether_Wulf vs offbrandGG
10pm - Game 3 - TheMooseyMan vs zedsgirlfriend

Friday, June 18

Host - TheMooseyMan
Casters - Nexuh, khojasan
8pm - Game 1 - zedsgirlfriend vs CoachPyke
9pm - Game 2 - zedsgirlfriend vs Orickk21
10pm - Game 3 - BeerManStan vs offbrandGG

Saturday, June 19

Host - BeerManStan
Casters - TBD
8pm - Game 1 - Orickk21 vs CoachPyke
9pm - Game 2 - TheMooseyMan vs CoachPyke
10pm - Game 3 - TheMooseyMan vs Orickk21

Playoff Games

Using the results from group play, teams will be seeded and placed into an 8-team tournament bracket; no team will be eliminated based on group play performance. Quarterfinals will be single elimination; semifinals will lead to a third place and championship game. The playoff bracket structure will ensure that cross-pool matchups occur as inclusively as possible. All progress will be recorded, tracked, and available on https://challonge.com/1kcrispycoolcup

*3rd place match not pictured

Playoff Schedule


Quarterfinals: tournament schedule will be posted 6/20 on 1CCC discord dependent on group seeding

Tuesday, June 22

Host - BeerManStan
Casters - TBD
Best of 3 - Teams TBD; 8-11pm

Wednesday, June 23

Host - TheMooseyMan
Casters - ChunkyDunken, papa_pike
Best of 3 - Teams TBD; 8-11pm

Thursday, June 24

Host - BeerManStan
Casters - TBD
Best of 3 - Teams TBD; 8-11pm

Friday, June 25

Host - TheMooseyMan
Casters - SnarkyMcSharky
Best of 3 - Teams TBD; 8-11pm

Semifinals; Saturday, June 26: games will be posted 6/25 on 1CCC discord dependent on quarterfinals results.

Host - BeerManStan/TheMooseyMan (TBD)
Casters - SiIent_K, Number1Lover, (Others TBD)
Semi # 1; Best of 3 - 5-8pm
Semi # 2; Best of 3 - 8-11pm

Championships; Sunday, June 27: games will be posted on 6/26 on 1CCC discord dependent on semifinals results.

Host - BeerManStan/TheMooseyMan (TBD)
Casters - Siient_K, Number1Lover, (Others TBD)
3rd place; Best of 3 - 5-8pm
Finals; Best of 3 - 8-11pm


1CCC link - https://discord.gg/n4NZaRZa8F

The tournament discord will be the central hub for all things Crispy Cool Cup. Get to know other members of the event and make this tournament the most interactive experience possible!

The rules of integrity/violation/punishment within the tournament streams are applicable within the tournament discord.

Our Vision

Our intention for this tournament is not only to give back to the twitch community, but for us to band together and give back as well. In that spirit, we would like to direct you to the link below, as it effects a participant within this event, CoachPyke, and his daughter’s family. Thank you in advance, and let’s do something special!



BeerManStan and TheMooseyMan’s staff, community, and from each of us personally, thank you for your interest in being involved in this special experience. We aspire for this tournament to be a unique blend of competitive, professional, fun, and entertaining; we will work our hardest to provide a memorable experience. NOW: step into the Tavern, get a little bit cool, and GAME ON!